Explore the Best of the Mediterranean

Find out what it means to live the Bella Vita...

In our daily lives, we look for balance. "Il tempo giusto," as the Italians say, "The right Pace."


Charming Hotels

We have hand-selected the hotels to showcase the best of Italian hospitality, in prime locations, so you'll feel the warm Italian ambiance at every moment of your stay.

Local Cuisine

If you don't experience the genuine, local specialties, then you haven't experienced Italy. We have made an extra effort to ensure that every meal represents the authentic cucina.

Professional Guides

The reason to tour with professionals is that you're assured you won't miss out on any of the wonderful moments that you've dreamed about vacationing in Italy.

We do all the worrying. you simply relax and enjoy.

On a Mediterranean vacation, this is achieved by combining spectacular sight-seeing with the time to relax and take it all in. You need some space to discover your own personal relationship with a place without missing any of the incredible sites, monuments, and historic treasures.

Because seriously, Italy wouldn't be Italy if encountered at a frenzied pace. Sure, the drivers in Rome are pazzi (crazy), but in general, the Italians make a deliberate effort to slow down and enjoy life. So should we, especially on vacation.

Our Signature Tour - Rome to the Amalfi Coast

This is the best of both worlds: vibrant, historic Rome, and the serene beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Travel with a small group and experience the most coveted treasures of Italy. From the ancient monuments, to the bustling piazzas, to the world’s best cuisine, you will taste it all! (Extend your stay for three nights to discover the height of Renaissance splendor in Florence.)

8 Days/7 Nights starting at $4,450

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We had the pleasure to travel with Vital Bella Travel in 2019, and we really appreciated their great professionalism. Every detail was perfect!

Sarah James

Working with Vita Bella was a great experience from beginning to end. The channels of communication remained wide open throughout the planning process and during the trip.

Mike Tatum

Being Italian-American, my expectations were high. I'm happy to report that they were met and exceeded! Highly recommended, FIVE stars!

Lisa Bellucci