About Us

​American Expat

​Rick Zullo

I’m Rick, and together with ​ Jessica, I lead tours throughout ​ Italy and the Mediterranean.  It is our pleasure and our passion to introduce curious travelers to the best of this alluring corner of the globe.

A little about ​us... we divide our time between Italy and the United States, raising our young daughter to appreciate the best of both cultures.  We are both very passionate about Italy, but of course we’ve come to appreciate its many wonders by way of very different paths.  I often see the Italy of dreams, fantasies, and mythical attraction…like your typical American experiencing the “Old World” for the first time.

This personal connection inspires our traveling philosophy.  That’s why we started our tour company in Sicily.  We want to lead small groups around this enchanting island to personally introduce our guests to the essence of Sicily and the surrounding areas. 

For us, it’s not enough to merely see the sites and take some lovely photos.  Yes, we’ll do a bit of that.  But we also want people to appreciate the more subtle charms of this magical landscape.  And we want them to understand why this land has been the literal crossroads of the Mediterranean throughout history.  In sum, we want them to experience Sicily, not just “see” it. Won't you join us? 

​Native Italian

​Jessica Burgio

​Ciao, my name is Jessica Burgio and I’m very excited to have this opportunity to share my heritage with you.

When I first left Sicily to live in Tuscany, I was only 17 years old.  I never would have thought that I’d miss my homeland and all the unique things about it that I had always taken for granted.  But isn’t this the nature of travel?  It allows us to come home and see things with fresh eyes.

Since then, I have traveled quite a bit and moved several times.  But now I’ve come back to Sicily to retrace my roots and to reconnect with my cultural identity.  I would like you to also see the magic of this land through those same eyes…through the loving eyes of one of its children.

With me and Rick, you’ll discover all the incredible treasures of this island first hand.  But not just with your eyes—with all your senses, the way Sicily is meant to be experienced.  Along the way you’ll learn about the rich history of all the populations which have passed through and left their marks.  And these remnants can be found everywhere.  Not only the monuments, the ruins, and the architecture; but also in the delicious food, the variety of local dialects, the folk music, and the character of the people themselves.  If you think that “Italians” take time to appreciate the good things in life, wait until you get to know the Sicilians!

I’m looking forward to being there with you.