Review of the Best Rome Food Tours

BY VITA BELLA TRAVEL, APRIL 2​9, 201​9 11:​11 AM

The best Rome food tours will give you that authentic experience every traveler is looking for.

If you want to know Rome—or any city in Italy, for that matter—share some of its local food with the people who grow it, prepare it, and serve it to their customers. Put aside your checklist of famous monuments for a day and take a food tour in Rome.  In Italy, it’s important to experience the culture with all your senses​.

Below are a few suggestions for a fantastic food tour of Rome, starting with that staple of the Italian diet, pasta (or as it's known in the south of Italy, "maccheroni")!

Maccheroni Ristorante

Ahò! Maccheroni ... m'hai provocato e io te distruggo! This famous line from Alberto Sordi (“Un americano a Roma,”1954) demonstrates the irresistible temptation of pasta. Rome has many iconic specialties, but it’s particularly well-known for the pasta dishes such as Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, and the one they specialize in here: maccheroni all’amatriciana.

The Good Stuff:

  • ​Pecorino Romano. ​​(​Here, they raise their own sheep for the milk).  If you’ve never had the real thing, it’s a wonderfully salty and oily hard cheese that pairs so well with typical Roman pasta dishes.
  • Supplì.  It’s a bite-size morsel of fried goodness, filled with rice, cheese, and tomato sauce.  Similar to the Sicilian arancino, but—well, let’s not start that debate. .
  • P​orchetta. ​​At the Antica Norcineria Trastevere, they go out into the surrounding hilltowns of the Castelli Romani to get the very best porchetta in all of Lazio.  Every. Single. Day.  And they just get one, so don’t be late for lunch!





You'd be disappointed if you didn't try these specialties, right?

The Bad Stuff:

  • The only "bad" thing to report is that, alas, the tour eventually ends. But you'll certainly walk away satisfied and with deep memories of being Roman for a day.
If you visit Rome without acquiring an intimate knowledge of the local cuisine, then you've really learned nothing about the local people. The best Rome food tours will give you that experience for the cost of a good meal!

5/5 Stars