7 Tips for Proper Italian Wine Storage

It is common knowledge that the quality of wine improves with time. Most Italian wines only require being stored for a few years to attain their best taste. But a few varietals—namely Barolo and Brunello—may take many years to mature. These top wines benefit greatly from a proper wine cellar to mature to the required standards. There are some general guidelines to consider when storing Italian wine.

1. Keep It Cool
Wines should be stored at a temperature range of between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 55 degrees Fahrenheit is the most recommended temperature for wine storage. Temperatures above 65° F make the wine age faster than desired causing them to become “cooked”; wine stored at such temperatures taste as if they have been stewed, baked, or burnt. The color also changes e.g. from red to brown.

2. Avoid low temperatures and refrigeration
Avoid storing wine in household refrigerators because most of them keep things at a temperature of below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which could cause the wine to freeze and push the cork out. Household refrigerators also keep out moisture. Lack of moisture makes the cork to dry out and lets air into the bottles. The air interferes with fermentation and ruins the wine.

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